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Top 100 Ideas For A Bucket List- I’m Putting #34 On My List


diversEveryone has a list of the top things they would like to accomplish before they die.  It’s called, a “Bucket List”.  Even if it’s just a bunch of random ideas in your mind.  Everyone’s bucket list is different and unique to the individual.  The intent of this article is to provide you with some ideas for creating your own bucket list.  The list below are some of the most popular items people want to accomplish in their lifetime.

If you have some that are interesting and different, please share at the bottom in the comments area.

1.  Start the business of your dreams
2.  Find your soul mate
3.  Run a marathon
4.  Learn to cook fancy meals
5.  Skydive
6.  Visit all seven continents
7.  Learn to Fly a plane
8.  scuba Dive
9.  Learn an instrument
10.  Get six pack abs
11. Learn a foreign language
12. See an international tourist attraction- Sydney Opera House, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Roman Colosseum, Stone Hinge, Great Pyramids, Great Wall of China, The Grand Canyon, etc.
13. Try hang gliding
14. Ride in a helicopter
15. Go for a ride in a hot air balloon
16. Try Bungee jumping
17. Drive a race car
18. Lean to ride a motorcycle
19. Go on a luxury ocean cruise
20. Attend a big sports event- the winter or summer Olympic Games, the World Series, the Super Bowl
21. Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans
22. Run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain
23. Attend Oktoberfest in Germany
24. Earn a black belt in Karate
25. Run a Iron Man Triathlon
26. Fly first class at least once
27. Swim the Great Barrier Reef
28. Learn to ice skate
29. Gamble in Las Vegas
30. Start a family
31. Drive Coast to Coast across America
32. Go on Safari in Africa
33. See the Northern Lights
34. Go to the airport and book a random flight to anywhere
35. Swim with Dolphins and/or sharks
36. Buy a house
37. Travel through the Bermuda Triangle
38. Witness a solar eclipse
39. Ride a mechanical bull
40. See the changing of the Guards’ in London
41. Visit Rio De Janerio
42. Go to Disneyland
43. Learn how to surf
44. Go white river rafting
45. Learn how to sail
46. Drive fast on the autoban
47. Go mountain climbing
48. Ride an elephant in Thailand
49. Ride a camel in Egypt
50. Do New Years Eve in Times Square, New York City
51. Go whale watching
52. Visit Tibet
53. Hug a koala bear
54. Ride a gondola in Venice
55. Buy a pony
56. Go horseback riding on the beach
57. Try Ziplining
58. Meet someone famous
59. Go on a long train ride
60. Spend time with and spoil your Grandchildren
61. Visit a nudist colony
62. Live abroad in a foreign country
63. Give your daughter away at her wedding
64. Walk on hot coals
65. Publish a Book
66. Try to water ski
67. Spend the night in a medieval castle in Europe
68. Go to Japan during Cherry Blossom season
69. Build a house for the underprivileged in a less developed country
70. Learn painting
71. Buy your dream car
72. Go have a romantic getaway at an exotic location.
73. Get a tattoo
74. Help make someone’s big wish become a reality
75. Try Parasailing
76. Go skinny dipping
77. Visit the Amazon Rainforest
78. Research and document your family tree
79. Visit a volcano in Hawaii
80. Tour Jerusalem
81. Visit Iceland
82. Grow a garden
83. Learn to dance, maybe salsa
84. Learn Yoga
85. Become a millionaire
86. Backpack all over Europe
87. Attend a big rock concert
88. Give a public speech
89. Get in the best shape of your life
90. Conquer your biggest fear
91. Meet the President
92. Witness a miracle
93. Run for public office
94. See your child succeed in life
95. Walk down the streets of Red Square in Moscow
96. Do St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, Ireland
97. Donate $10K to an important cause
98. Save a life
99. Be on TV
100. Go shopping on Black Friday

We hope this list inspires you to create an awesome bucket list of your very own.

Peace and Blessings,

Chris T.


5 Celebrities That Used The Law Of Attraction- I Think #5 Is Shocking!


People are people, celebrities are no different.  They just know how to use the law of attraction.

Why are some people successful, but not others?

Have you ever wondered why some people are really successful in life while others are struggling?  Is there a common thread that all successful people share?  I’m here to tell you, that yes, all successful people have something in common and it’s not only their success.

Human beings are the same as animals in that we have the ability to learn behaviors and skills by imitating.  In fact, the fastest way to learn is by imitating a behavior from others.  Who would you like to be like?  What are their behaviors and special skills that make them stand out from the crowd?

Considering, that we have the ability to learn by imitating others, doesn’t it make sense that we could learn how to be successful?  If you truly want to be successful in a particular area in your life, you could easily do a little research on a particular person that has already accomplished the same goal that you are trying to accomplish. Learn what makes them who they are and who they have become.

Celebrities aren’t successful due to just dumb luck!

The most successful celebrities didn’t just become successful by luck.  They all used the law of attraction and many may not have even realized this.  Just remember that you have the power to change your life.   Here is a list of ten famous people that have admittedly used the law of attraction to reach achieve their dreams.


1.  Arnold Schwarzenegger

Born: July 30, 1947 (age 66), Thal, AustriaArnold Alois Schwarzenegger is an Austrian American actor, politician, businessman, investor, and former professional bodybuilder. Schwarzenegger served two terms as the 38th Governor of California from 2003 until 2011. Wikipedia


Born: September 25, 1968 (age 45), Philadelphia, PAWillard Carroll “Will” Smith, Jr. is an American comedic and dramatic actor, producer, and rapper. He has enjoyed success in television, film and music. In April 2007, Newsweek called him the most powerful actor in Hollywood. Wikipedia


Born: January 29, 1954 (age 60), Kosciusko, MSOprah Gail Winfrey is an American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist. Wikipedia


Born: January 17, 1962 (age 52), Newmarket, CanadaJames Eugene “Jim” Carrey is a Canadian American actor, comedian, and producer. Carrey has received four Golden Globe Award nominations, winning two. Wikipedia


Born: January 17, 1957 (age 57), Welch, WVBroderick Steven “Steve” Harvey is an American actor, comedian, entertainer, television/radio personality and author. He hosts The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Steve Harvey, and Family Feud. Wikipedia

The point of this article is to help people realize that highly successful people don’t become great by chance.  These videos illustrate that there are things that you have control of to improve your life.  Anything the mind can conceive, it can achieve!  You are what you believe and think about.

Peace and Blessings,

Chris T.


How To Become Rich Using The Law of Attraction


Your financial situation at the moment is only temporary if you want it to be. The amount of money that you currently have or don’t have is dictated by your money vibe. It is determined by your thoughts and feelings on money and your current financial situation.

Good news though! You have total control over your money vibe. This quick and easy article will teach you how to become rich using the law of attraction.

Here are 5 simple ways to improve the way you think and feel about your money situation.

Tip 1– Imagine and picture yourself having and spending more money than you know what to do with!

The majority of the population dwells on thoughts of not having enough money. This is commonly referred to as the act of worrying about money. In order to attract what you think about in terms of money, you must do the exact opposite.

  •     Imagine thoughts and feelings of having more money
  •     Imagine thoughts and feelings associated to spending more money
  •     The key is to enjoy the feelings of happiness associated to having more money

The law of attraction states that the universe does not and will not know a difference between what you actually experience and what you imagine in your mind.  The universe responds to what you your thoughts are vibrating to it.  So imagining and picturing yourself with lots of money is the first step to attracting it.

Tip 2– You must have feelings of gratitude and appreciation for the money that you are trying to attract!

Be thankful and appreciate the money that you currently have.  Concentrate on the feelings of gratitude for what your money provides in your life.

  •     The foods that you buy at each meal throughout the day
  •     The roof over your head that is provided by your money each month
  •     The clothing and many other things that you buy and have with your money

When you appreciate and feel gratitude for the money and things you have, this sends increases your money vibrations.  This is like a signal that tells the universe that you are happy with your money situation and that more would be even better.

Tip 3– Pretend as if you are already rich

So what, you aren’t rich and wealthy yet.  You can still pretend that you are in your mind, and this will help to send out the vibrations of abundance to the universe.  Remember that your mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what you imagine. So use this to your advantage.

Imagine, pretend and feel that you are already a millionaire.  Do this throughout the day while brushing your teeth or getting dressed in the morning. Think about how a millionaire would do these things.  Be confident and get in this habit.

Imagine, pretend and feel that you are filthy rich, when you take the kids to school or when you are walking your dog.  Rich people do these things to.  Be confident and get into this habit.

Imagine, pretend and feel that you are a millionaire when you get dressed into your best clothes.  Go shopping at the mall and change into some expensive clothes and jewelry.  All while imagining and pretending that you are wealthy enough to afford the finer things. Be confident and get into this habit.

Tip 4– Emotionalize and feel right now, how you’re going to feel then…

Give serious thought to how you will feel, once you’ve received the money you want. What exactly will it feel like?

  •     Excitement
  •     The feelings of freedom
  •     The feelings of financial security

This will take some effort.  Learning how to develop these feelings, but pay special attention to when you do and how you did it.  Try to get to the point where you can bring on these feelings over and over repeatedly.  At will.  Do it often and make it a habit.

TIP 5– Play the “Money Game”

Don’t be so serious about your current money situation.  Lighten up a bit and don’t be so hard on yourself.

Make a fake check out to yourself for the first $10,000.  Put a date on it and make it payable to you.  Place it under your pillow and have a look at it every night before bed.

When you get a bill in the mail, pretend this a check addressed to you.  Imagine that this is money coming to you.

Talk about what you are going to do with your new riches.  Instead of talking about the money that you currently don’t have.

The point here is that these are the necessary things to help you develop the power of your mind to imagine that you are wealthy and rich.  You are what you think.  So think more about the things you want.



Train The Subconscious Mind And The Law Of Attraction


subconsciousWhen the subconscious mind is used with the principles of the law of attraction, anyone can attract anything they can imagine and or desire.  Thoughts begin in our conscious mind.  When these thoughts grow into a belief, they move into our subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between right or wrong.  It only accepts information regardless of whether or not it’s real or imaginary.  It only accepts information as the truth.

So whatever thought that you continue thinking on a consistent basis, your subconscious mind will accept as a truth and it will then begin to figure out a way to manifest your desire.  For example, if you say to yourself mentally or aloud, “I feel that today is going to suck”, your subconscious mind will find a way for you to attract the people, things and events to coincide with those negative thoughts of having a bad day.  Ultimately, this will result in you having a day that sucks!  First you thought about it.  Next, you said it to yourself with negative feelings.  Then your subconscious mind, acted on it.

Another example would be if you tell yourself on a consistent basis, “I am broke and can’t afford to do this or that” (e.g. buy a new car, go on a nice vacation, and buy your dream home).  Well, your subconscious mind will record that message and tie it to the feelings of frustration.  Your subconscious mind will find ways to make what it that thought a reality for you.

Gandhi said it best;
“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
your thoughts become your words,
your words become your actions,
your actions become your habits,
your habits become your values,
your values become your destiny.”
~Mahatma Gandhi

Basically, you are what you think and your subconscious mind will deliver to you whatever you think and believe.  Like stated before, your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between right or wrong and doesn’t care.  It only acts on the thoughts and feelings that you feed it.

Train Your Subconscious Mind and Use the Law of Attraction

Now that you understand how your subconscious mind works with the law of attraction, you can use it to your advantage.  This is how highly successful people achieve their goals. It’s not by luck.  They constantly think and believe they are the best at what they do.  They consistently see themselves as already achieving their goals.

They feel it with conviction.  Their subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference and takes this as reality. Their subconscious mind then sees to it that they attract the right circumstances.  They meet the right people, at the right places, and at the right times.

So be very careful and be extremely mindful of your thoughts.  Be certain that what you think about and wish for is what you truly desire. Picture and imagine yourself in the situation that you really desire.  Consistently think about your desires with positive emotions.

For example, maybe you have a dream home in mind.  Print a photo of it and look at it several times throughout the day.  Make an appointment to actually go see it and walk around in it.  Imagine that it is already yours.  Allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the feeling of actually owning that home.  It’s already yours.  How much joy or happiness will you have once you have the keys in your hand and walk through the front door for the first time?  Knowing that, “This is my house”.  I did it!  Replay those thoughts in your mind consistently and repeatedly.

The mental images that you allow to transfer into to your subconscious mind will always determine the vibrations and brain waves your brain creates.  The emotions you tie to those images will also be transmitted in those vibrations.  That’s where the expression, “Good Vibrations” comes from.

Those strong vibrations are transmitted into the universe and with the “Law of Attraction”, you always attract to you the necessary circumstances needed to receive those desires. Because with the power of our mind, we can have whatever it is that we want.

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Personal Goal Setting- Live The Life You Want


Personal Goal SettingAre you struggling with the task of personal goal setting?

Well, don’t feel bad or overly frustrated, because you are not alone.  Many people have a difficult time setting personal, professional, and goals pertaining to their relationships.  Many people feel like a ship out on the ocean without a rudder, just drifting along aimlessly in life. They feel as though no matter how hard they work, they just don’t seem to get any further along.

The main reason we sometimes feel this way, is that we haven’t put enough time aside to give serious thought about what we want from life.  We haven’t established proper goals in a formal manner that we feel comfortable with.

Think about this for a moment and this is just an example.  If you were to take a trip to let’s say Europe.  For the sake of making it fun, we’ll go to London.  Wouldn’t you plan it all out?  You’d need a means to get to the airport.  You’d need airfare; at least you would if you were leaving from the United States.  You’d need a place to stay- accommodation.  You probably want to see some sights.  You would probably want to know the exchange rate for currency.  What would you pack in your luggage?  Is it going to be cold there when you go?

My point here is that most people already know how to plan things and set goals.  Most people put more effort into planning their vacations then they put into personal goal setting.  Goal setting is a thought provoking and powerful process for thinking about how you envision your ideal future to be.  The exercise of goal setting should be motivating and excite you to passionately turn your vision into a future reality.

You can use this process to help you choose where you want to be in life.  When you clearly define what it is you want to achieve, you will realize where you need to focus your efforts.  You will also learn to quickly recognize the distractions that are holding you back or getting in your way from reaching your goals.

Goal Setting Chart

How to use personal goal setting

You can learn and use personal goal stetting for anything and on many levels.  This is just a breakdown of the general process so that you have an idea of where to begin:

•    Initially you may want to imagine and create the “big picture” of what you want to accomplish in your life (a good number to start with is 10 years), and identify a list of the larger-scale goals that you want to achieve.
•    Next, you’ll want to break these big goals down into the smaller milestones or targets that you have to hit to reach in order to accomplish the big picture goals you have already defined from before.
•    Finally, once you have the smaller goals listed, you can plan how to reach each one of those.

This process of creating the lifetime or big picture goals first, allows you to break things down backwards in your task of personal goal setting.   So you can work on planning the steps you will have to take to achieve goals in say the next 5 years, within 1 year, this month, and even a week from now.


How To Create A Positive Self Affirmation in 9 Easy Steps


Are you feeling frustrated and tired of your lack of success using the law of attraction? Continually asking the universe for the things you want to attract, but never receiving or manifesting the things in life you desperately desire?  Here is an easy to follow exercise you can do, to put you on the path to finally start manifesting your desires…

Follow these easy steps to create your own, very powerful self affirmation statement(s). I learned this technique several years ago from my Father, but don’t know the original source. Use it and you may have success with it. I know, because it has worked for me numerous times.

Follow these easy steps:
1. Grab a piece of paper.
2. Draw a line down the middle of the paper vertically in the center, so you have two equal columns.
3. On the left side column, write a title at the top that says, “At Present”.
4. Now on the right side column, write a title at the top that says, “I am so grateful that I”

Now here’s the part where it gets fun!
5. On the left hand side, under the “Currently” heading, list the things in your life that you aren’t happy with. This could be issues or things like being overweight, finances or lack of money. I think you get the idea. Continue this list until you feel that you have all the things you are unhappy with in your life.
6. Next, under the right column heading “I am so grateful that”, reword your list from the “Currently” column and transform those items into a positive opposite instead.
For example:
“Currently” / “I am so grateful and proud that”
I am fat and out of shape / I am at a healthy weight and in great shape
I owe $6,750 on my credit cards / I have paid off all my credit cards easily
I hate my boss and my job / I found a new job that I love and my new boss is great
7. Once you are finished with the lists in both columns, fold your paper down the middle of that center line. Now, tear or cut the paper neatly apart at the fold. You should have two lists now on separate sheets of paper.
8. Take the list titled, “CURRENTLY”, and crumple it up into a ball. Toss it into the trash bin!
9. Keep the other list titled, “I am so grateful and proud that”. Read this list to yourself aloud. Repeat this in the morning when you wake, in the afternoon and at night just before bed.


5 Tips To Make The Law Of Attraction Work For Me


 “How can I make the law of attraction work for me “?

Have you tried using the law of attraction and struggled with making it work for you? The Law Of Attraction is no doubt easy to comprehend, but very often difficult to put into action. It’s kind of like riding a bike for the first time.  It is a struggle and you are going to fall many times.  But one day eventually, if you keep at it, it becomes easy and almost second nature to you. You will be able to master it with ease. Don’t stress any more.  Just relax and have fun in experiencing it.  It’s a learning process just like anything in life.

I’ve put together an ebook with 5 simple tips to help those that are struggling at using the law of attraction to reach their goals.

This is an easy to use guide.  You can have anything in life that you desire.  Try the tips that I discuss in this ebook.  These are fast and easy tips to get you on the fast path to reaching your goals and attracting the things you want in life.  Things like money, love, relationships, health, and happiness.

Also, visit this blog often as I am posting many more tips and articles on the topic of the law attraction daily.  Let me know if you find this helpful and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or just comment below.  I want to help as many people succeed as possible.

Please share with others so they can realize their dreams too!

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What’s The Secret? Why Isn’t The Law Of Attraction Working For Me?


Have you seen the movie or read the book titled, “The Secret” yet?  If you have, remember how you felt when you watched it for the first time?  Did you have a great sense of relief in knowing that your life can be any way you wish? All you have to do is ask the universe and it will answer in the form of making your dreams come true?  I clearly remember the excitement that filled my heart, knowing that – Yes, I can accomplish all my dreams  – FINALLY!

But how many of us soon experienced that excitement and new found hope fade away into frustration? How many of you reading this now (and be honest with yourself) started thinking thoughts like:

– “It seems to be working for other people, but It’s not working for me no matter how hard I try.”

– “Sometimes it seems to work for me, but sometimes I just doesn’t. What’s am I missing here?”

– “Why can’t I seem to get it?”

– “I think the universe is against me.”

– “I’m trying my best, but still nothing is happening for me!”

Don’t worry people, you’re not alone with thoughts like these. Around 97% of people were also disappointed with their results from trying the law of attraction for the first time. Think about this, just like anything else in  your life, you have to practice over and over again before you see success.  Even Thomas Edison, the great inventor, tried over 1,000 times to succeed with his invention of the light bulb.  Until finally one day, he succeeded.  Remember, that a toddler doesn’t learn to walk without falling over a many times, right?

But when put into practice, almost everything is easier said than done. Once you’ve become frustrated, it’s often difficult to stay positive. And it’s especially harder to stay positive when it seems everything around you is screaming negativity.  Like an unstable economy or senseless acts of violence that have become more and more the norm in the world we live in.

And just like you learned from the movie, “The Secret”, what happens when you fail to keep a positive outlook? That’s right – you begin to attract negative things in to your life.  The things you think and worry about most.

So how can we make the Law of Attraction work for us – without getting disgusted from frustration? How do people that are successfully using the Law of Attraction do it with such confidence?  On demand whenever they want?

Well, let me share 3 quick tips so you will never feel frustrated again.  And once you’ve applied these tips, you will begin to know how to start manifesting like a pro.

1. You Must Allow Yourself To Receive

Just like a child who approaches his mother and asks, “Mom, can I have some candy? Can I? Can I? Can I? Can I? Can I?” Well, if the child goes on and on asking, His Mother can’t even give an answer, right?

Well, this is the same principle when it comes to your mind. If the only thing your mind is doing is transmitting, transmitting, transmitting, the universe–which is trying to respond–is unable to give you anything because you’re not allowing yourself to receive!

So, begin to have confidence in yourself.  Stop exhausting yourself by running around from person to person begging for riches.  Then puzzled wondering why nobody is dropping a a dime in your cup. (Hint: This is because you’re running away to quickly before they can even reach for their wallet).

Just concentrate on your desires and leave it out there for the universe.  Go away, and have faith that your cup will be filled with gold coins (or whatever it is you asked for) when the time is right.  Most importantly, you have to believe.

2. You Must Be Patient With Yourself

To receive takes time.

Sadly, most people give up just a few steps before the finish line.  This is because they’ve decided that if it’s not working by now, it will never work at all. Even worse, there are those who throw in more and more energy because they think that results will come faster.

This would be like expecting 9 mothers to conceive and deliver a baby in 1 month or trying to bake a batch of cookies in half the time by doubling the temperature of the oven. This will burn those cookies to a crisp!

Simplified: Everything in the world around us has a natural development time.  This is a fact that you cannot change.  And it doesn’t matter what additional energy or resources you throw at it.

So just relax and learn to be patient. Remember that you are also part of the universe.  And you are also governed by the same laws that apply to the universe.  You cannot change the natural development time of things.

Try to remember this and you will be much less likely to get worked up and frustrated.  This will also prevent you from entering a downward spiral of negativity.

3. You Must Support and Educate Yourself

Like a child who is first learning to walk, we need support. We also need special guidance on how to do it, and also role models to look up to.

Unfortunately, most people give up because they think that “The Secret” is a “means-to-an-end” solution. Well, many experts will tell you, that it’s NOT. The Law of Attraction as seen in “The Secret” is just a small portion of the formula. It was never intended to be the “Whole Answer”,  and never has been.

So coming to the conclusion that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work after watching “The Secret” 29 times and never changing your habits in the other areas of your life, is the same as coming to the conclusion that exercising on a treadmill 2 hours a day isn’t helping you lose weight while you are still stuffing yourself with cheeseburgers, sodas and french fries.

So find knew sources of knowledge and educate yourself on the other aspects of the laws of the universe. Also, make an effort to surround yourself with others that are serious about self improvement.  There are many local groups in your area that meet to learn from each other and are also anxious to help others and share new knowledge.

While the Law of Attraction is not an next day delivery service, it will indeed deliver to you, if you are willing to do your part too!