How To Become Rich Using The Law of Attraction


Your financial situation at the moment is only temporary if you want it to be. The amount of money that you currently have or don’t have is dictated by your money vibe. It is determined by your thoughts and feelings on money and your current financial situation.

Good news though! You have total control over your money vibe. This quick and easy article will teach you how to become rich using the law of attraction.

Here are 5 simple ways to improve the way you think and feel about your money situation.

Tip 1– Imagine and picture yourself having and spending more money than you know what to do with!

The majority of the population dwells on thoughts of not having enough money. This is commonly referred to as the act of worrying about money. In order to attract what you think about in terms of money, you must do the exact opposite.

  •     Imagine thoughts and feelings of having more money
  •     Imagine thoughts and feelings associated to spending more money
  •     The key is to enjoy the feelings of happiness associated to having more money

The law of attraction states that the universe does not and will not know a difference between what you actually experience and what you imagine in your mind.  The universe responds to what you your thoughts are vibrating to it.  So imagining and picturing yourself with lots of money is the first step to attracting it.

Tip 2– You must have feelings of gratitude and appreciation for the money that you are trying to attract!

Be thankful and appreciate the money that you currently have.  Concentrate on the feelings of gratitude for what your money provides in your life.

  •     The foods that you buy at each meal throughout the day
  •     The roof over your head that is provided by your money each month
  •     The clothing and many other things that you buy and have with your money

When you appreciate and feel gratitude for the money and things you have, this sends increases your money vibrations.  This is like a signal that tells the universe that you are happy with your money situation and that more would be even better.

Tip 3– Pretend as if you are already rich

So what, you aren’t rich and wealthy yet.  You can still pretend that you are in your mind, and this will help to send out the vibrations of abundance to the universe.  Remember that your mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what you imagine. So use this to your advantage.

Imagine, pretend and feel that you are already a millionaire.  Do this throughout the day while brushing your teeth or getting dressed in the morning. Think about how a millionaire would do these things.  Be confident and get in this habit.

Imagine, pretend and feel that you are filthy rich, when you take the kids to school or when you are walking your dog.  Rich people do these things to.  Be confident and get into this habit.

Imagine, pretend and feel that you are a millionaire when you get dressed into your best clothes.  Go shopping at the mall and change into some expensive clothes and jewelry.  All while imagining and pretending that you are wealthy enough to afford the finer things. Be confident and get into this habit.

Tip 4– Emotionalize and feel right now, how you’re going to feel then…

Give serious thought to how you will feel, once you’ve received the money you want. What exactly will it feel like?

  •     Excitement
  •     The feelings of freedom
  •     The feelings of financial security

This will take some effort.  Learning how to develop these feelings, but pay special attention to when you do and how you did it.  Try to get to the point where you can bring on these feelings over and over repeatedly.  At will.  Do it often and make it a habit.

TIP 5– Play the “Money Game”

Don’t be so serious about your current money situation.  Lighten up a bit and don’t be so hard on yourself.

Make a fake check out to yourself for the first $10,000.  Put a date on it and make it payable to you.  Place it under your pillow and have a look at it every night before bed.

When you get a bill in the mail, pretend this a check addressed to you.  Imagine that this is money coming to you.

Talk about what you are going to do with your new riches.  Instead of talking about the money that you currently don’t have.

The point here is that these are the necessary things to help you develop the power of your mind to imagine that you are wealthy and rich.  You are what you think.  So think more about the things you want.



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