Lucid Dreaming Techniques- Mastery Course Review


Incredible Lucid Dreaming Techniques- 2 Thumbs Up!

Lucid Dreaming TechniquesToday I’m reviewing a product I found called Lucid Dreaming Mastery. This is an online video course that will teach you how to control your dream through the use of lucid dreaming techniques.  This gives you the ability to interact within your dream just the same as if you were fully conscious. This course also shows you how to decide exactly what you want to dream before you actually fall asleep.

You see, lucid dreaming techniques let you live out your deepest fantasies and experience those fantasies as if they are 100% reality.

I found this product to be relatively affordable and it came with several cool bonuses.  My favorite are the lucid dreaming induction files.  It also includes mindmaps and several others. The main product is taught using instructional videos that are very well done.  Very professional and easy for me to follow.  This is especially helpful since I am new to the concept of lucid dreaming and lucid dreaming techniques.

I worked my way through all the videos. It was very interesting, engaging and entertaining.   They were so detailed and interesting that I couldn’t wait to start watching the next one.

Immediately after I completed the last video, I attempted to put what I had learned into practice.

Initially, it wasn’t working. I wasn’t able to experience Lucid Dreaming. I’m thinking that maybe I was too tired from just watching a lucid dreaming video marathon.  But once I fell asleep, I slept really sound and awoke the next morning feeling very well rested.  I was unable to remember any dreams though.

So, I went back and re-watched a few of the main elements of the course to try to see what I was doing wrong. Then, that night I tried to experience lucid dreaming again, and this time it actually worked!

I really wanted to dream about being an astronaut and going into space in a rocket.  In my dream, I was wearing a spacesuit and actually went traveled to outer space in a rocket.  It was the coolest experience I have ever had. The earth looks so incredible from up in space.

It’s absolutely mind blowing.

Since my first lucid dream experience, I’ve had several other lucid dreams, experiencing many other different types of fantasies, from exciting dramas to meeting famous people.

I highly recommend Lucid Dreaming Mastery to anyone else who has an interest in learning how to dream whatever they want.   This will be a uniquely amazing experience that you can enjoy every single night.

Overall, the lucid dreaming techniques in this course are very well organized and easy to implement.


Chris T.


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