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How To Create A Positive Self Affirmation in 9 Easy Steps


Are you feeling frustrated and tired of your lack of success using the law of attraction? Continually asking the universe for the things you want to attract, but never receiving or manifesting the things in life you desperately desire?  Here is an easy to follow exercise you can do, to put you on the path to finally start manifesting your desires…

Follow these easy steps to create your own, very powerful self affirmation statement(s). I learned this technique several years ago from my Father, but don’t know the original source. Use it and you may have success with it. I know, because it has worked for me numerous times.

Follow these easy steps:
1. Grab a piece of paper.
2. Draw a line down the middle of the paper vertically in the center, so you have two equal columns.
3. On the left side column, write a title at the top that says, “At Present”.
4. Now on the right side column, write a title at the top that says, “I am so grateful that I”

Now here’s the part where it gets fun!
5. On the left hand side, under the “Currently” heading, list the things in your life that you aren’t happy with. This could be issues or things like being overweight, finances or lack of money. I think you get the idea. Continue this list until you feel that you have all the things you are unhappy with in your life.
6. Next, under the right column heading “I am so grateful that”, reword your list from the “Currently” column and transform those items into a positive opposite instead.
For example:
“Currently” / “I am so grateful and proud that”
I am fat and out of shape / I am at a healthy weight and in great shape
I owe $6,750 on my credit cards / I have paid off all my credit cards easily
I hate my boss and my job / I found a new job that I love and my new boss is great
7. Once you are finished with the lists in both columns, fold your paper down the middle of that center line. Now, tear or cut the paper neatly apart at the fold. You should have two lists now on separate sheets of paper.
8. Take the list titled, “CURRENTLY”, and crumple it up into a ball. Toss it into the trash bin!
9. Keep the other list titled, “I am so grateful and proud that”. Read this list to yourself aloud. Repeat this in the morning when you wake, in the afternoon and at night just before bed.