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Top 100 Ideas For A Bucket List- I’m Putting #34 On My List


diversEveryone has a list of the top things they would like to accomplish before they die.  It’s called, a “Bucket List”.  Even if it’s just a bunch of random ideas in your mind.  Everyone’s bucket list is different and unique to the individual.  The intent of this article is to provide you with some ideas for creating your own bucket list.  The list below are some of the most popular items people want to accomplish in their lifetime.

If you have some that are interesting and different, please share at the bottom in the comments area.

1.  Start the business of your dreams
2.  Find your soul mate
3.  Run a marathon
4.  Learn to cook fancy meals
5.  Skydive
6.  Visit all seven continents
7.  Learn to Fly a plane
8.  scuba Dive
9.  Learn an instrument
10.  Get six pack abs
11. Learn a foreign language
12. See an international tourist attraction- Sydney Opera House, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Roman Colosseum, Stone Hinge, Great Pyramids, Great Wall of China, The Grand Canyon, etc.
13. Try hang gliding
14. Ride in a helicopter
15. Go for a ride in a hot air balloon
16. Try Bungee jumping
17. Drive a race car
18. Lean to ride a motorcycle
19. Go on a luxury ocean cruise
20. Attend a big sports event- the winter or summer Olympic Games, the World Series, the Super Bowl
21. Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans
22. Run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain
23. Attend Oktoberfest in Germany
24. Earn a black belt in Karate
25. Run a Iron Man Triathlon
26. Fly first class at least once
27. Swim the Great Barrier Reef
28. Learn to ice skate
29. Gamble in Las Vegas
30. Start a family
31. Drive Coast to Coast across America
32. Go on Safari in Africa
33. See the Northern Lights
34. Go to the airport and book a random flight to anywhere
35. Swim with Dolphins and/or sharks
36. Buy a house
37. Travel through the Bermuda Triangle
38. Witness a solar eclipse
39. Ride a mechanical bull
40. See the changing of the Guards’ in London
41. Visit Rio De Janerio
42. Go to Disneyland
43. Learn how to surf
44. Go white river rafting
45. Learn how to sail
46. Drive fast on the autoban
47. Go mountain climbing
48. Ride an elephant in Thailand
49. Ride a camel in Egypt
50. Do New Years Eve in Times Square, New York City
51. Go whale watching
52. Visit Tibet
53. Hug a koala bear
54. Ride a gondola in Venice
55. Buy a pony
56. Go horseback riding on the beach
57. Try Ziplining
58. Meet someone famous
59. Go on a long train ride
60. Spend time with and spoil your Grandchildren
61. Visit a nudist colony
62. Live abroad in a foreign country
63. Give your daughter away at her wedding
64. Walk on hot coals
65. Publish a Book
66. Try to water ski
67. Spend the night in a medieval castle in Europe
68. Go to Japan during Cherry Blossom season
69. Build a house for the underprivileged in a less developed country
70. Learn painting
71. Buy your dream car
72. Go have a romantic getaway at an exotic location.
73. Get a tattoo
74. Help make someone’s big wish become a reality
75. Try Parasailing
76. Go skinny dipping
77. Visit the Amazon Rainforest
78. Research and document your family tree
79. Visit a volcano in Hawaii
80. Tour Jerusalem
81. Visit Iceland
82. Grow a garden
83. Learn to dance, maybe salsa
84. Learn Yoga
85. Become a millionaire
86. Backpack all over Europe
87. Attend a big rock concert
88. Give a public speech
89. Get in the best shape of your life
90. Conquer your biggest fear
91. Meet the President
92. Witness a miracle
93. Run for public office
94. See your child succeed in life
95. Walk down the streets of Red Square in Moscow
96. Do St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, Ireland
97. Donate $10K to an important cause
98. Save a life
99. Be on TV
100. Go shopping on Black Friday

We hope this list inspires you to create an awesome bucket list of your very own.

Peace and Blessings,

Chris T.